What our customers can expect from us:

We are a private, Turkish owned company, incorporated in Kazachstan, using birch trees sourced from state-owned forests in Kazachstan. For more information see Certificates.

High Performance

The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 30,000 m3 of plywood per year.

Quality Products

High quality birch veneer, first-grade formaldehyde resin (EN 16516 / E1) and film from Germany. We do not use poplar wood for filling, only birchwood.

Qualified Personnel

We employ well-coordinated and qualified personnel at fair wages.

Precision Equipment

We work with reliable, high-precision equipment and adhere strictly to best-practice production standards.

Customer Service

We meet deadlines and the agreed-upon quality requirements. We listen to the wishes and problems of our customers. We solve, stay in touch and provide support.

Our regularly produced plywood for specific end uses


Flooring & Walls

Smooth & Mesh Film

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Surfaces: From I (B), II (BB), to III (CP)



Surfaces: Smooth, Mesh; III (CP) and IV (C)

We are a member of the Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e.V.

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Dear visitor of our website,

Unfortunately, we have to point out that our company name SFK is associated in various ways with goods that were not manufactured in our factory.

Accordingly, there are neither valid EUTR proofs, nor DoP documents and/or CE certificates for these goods!

If you doubt the admissibility of an offer, please contact us. Goods from our production are/were only sold by the factory or by us in Europe.

Thank you in advance for your help in protecting our good name!

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